Radar File Download

Download the template, unzip the files into a dedicated directory, and double click on “PCBTemplate DATE_BFU###.emp” to start. The DATE will be the version of the template. The ### will be the transistor used. 950 MHz is the BFU550.

Always use the template as the start of your design. 

NEVER start a design using File->New as it will not have the correct parameters for simulation and fabrication.


We will be using Cadence’s AWR software for the workshop. This is free for 6 months to all students and trial versions are available for industry participants. The workshop includes a 1 week licences. Please contact AWR directly to request an extension or more information: https://www.awr.com/support/evaluators

Transistor Choices

BFU550 – 950 MHz

BFU660 – 2.4 GHz 

Note workshops are designed at 950 MHz for ease of fabrication, however this frequency may not be legal to transmit on in your country. 2.4 GHz is a global ISM band and can be used world-wide. The 2.4 Ghz designs follow exactly the same as the 950 MHz, however the transmission line lengths should be modified. Both the 550 and 660 transistors are included in design kits.

Due to changing parts over the years, the specific results in all plots in the workshop may not match the results you achieved with a different transistor.

The results in your simulation may not match exactly the results in the instructions.