Nano VNA PC Interface Setup

Connecting NanoVNA to the PC

▶Should automatically see the NanoVNA populate as a COM port

▶Allow Windows to set up the connection if needed

Connecting NanoVNA to the PC

▶If there are driver issues, here are the driver details for the standard Windows USB serial device that should work

▶Download this specific driver if NanoVNA doesn’t populate as a COM port device

▶If there are still issues, the following software can be downloaded from ST

▶This software is technically used for DFU (device firmware upgrade) but may help with driver issues

NanoVNA PC Software


▶Can be downloaded from:


▶Tested version is v0.3.8 (download the appropriate installer for the OS)

▶Program should run on lab PC

▶If issues arise with Windows refusing to run 3rd party software, may need to contact IT for admin access


▶The software takes a long time to open and run

▶You will see a blank command prompt for about 20 seconds before the program starts

NanoVNA Saver Software: Calibration

▶Calibrate the NanoVNA without a PC connection using the device screen

▶Simplest option

▶PC software does have calibration functionality but is more complicated and haven’t tested it for accuracy

NanoVNA Saver Software

▶Screenshot of software

NanoVNA Saver: Device Connection

▶Connect to the NanoVNA here:

NanoVNA Saver: Device Connection

▶If NanoVNA doesn’t show up in connection list, try rescan

▶Hit “connect” when the device shows up properly

When device is properly connected, the device display screen will not update

NanoVNA Saver: Sweep Setup

Setup sweeps here:

NanoVNA Saver: Sweep Setup

▶Setup starting and ending frequency, etc.

▶Under “sweep settings” you can set continuous or single sweeps

NanoVNA Saver: Save Data

Save S-parameter data here:

NanoVNA Saver: Other Features

▶Display and markers: