Rabbit Radar

Welcome to Bits2Waves, a 1-day experience on building your own frequency modulated continuous wave radar (FMCW). You will learn how radars work, from theory to fabricating microwave PCBS to measurements with our mini-VNA.

Below is the RADAR you will build.

The FMCW RADAR. From left to right: power amplifier, low noise amplifier, directional coupler, branchline mixer and antipodal (Vivaldi) antennas.

The workshop is organized by the menu on the right side of your screen. Start with the Getting Started tab and then progress through each menu item, from top to bottom, until you have completed all of the designs. Note that the theory is separated from the design instructions for many components so that you can focus just on design or refer to the theory at a later date.

Below is a tutorial video on the theory and design of an FMCW radar, including details on the circuit design for each block. Please watch for an overview.