2D Cutter Equipment and Supplies

Equipment for fabrication

The cutter is the Silhouette Portrait 2 . Amazon link. The Portrait version works well for a class up to 30 people. You will need to buy several cutting mats. We find that a mat will last 3-4 sheets of copper. They can be found under supplies on Amazon for the Portrait.

The settings for our cutter are: depth 12, speed 3, cutter level 2.

To set the cutter depth, slowly increase the depth and cutter level so that you cut through the foil, BUT NOT paper backing. This will allow you to remove the designs with the back intact.


The copper foil, “12″x12″ – Adhesive Backed – Venture Tape” an be found on Amazon, eBay and here.
This specific copper foil is thick and has a quality adhesive back and works well on FR4 PCB.

“Almost” 50 Ohm tape (45 ohms on a 1.6mm FR4 substrate – good to lengthen traces and route new traces) can be found on amazon (its 1/8″ tape) here.

PCB – 1.6mm, single sided ½ oz. copper. Order from here (cheapest source I have found)