Mr. Michael Chen

Michael Chen

Mr. Michael Chen

MSEE 2012

Research Description

Publications with Ricketts Lab


Chen, M.W.; Carley, L.R.; Ricketts, D.S., “A process-technology-scaling-tolerant pipelined ADC architecture achieving 6-bit and 4 GS/s ADC in 45nm CMOS,” Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in Rf Systems (SiRF), 2014 IEEE 14th Topical Meeting on , vol., no., pp.16-18, 19-23 Jan. 2014

M. W. Chen, D. Tian, S. Phatak, L. R. Carley, D. S. Ricketts, “A 4GHz-Bandwidth Op-Amp Free Track-and-Hold and 6-bit Flash ADC in 45nm SOI CMOSSilicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems (SiRF), 2013 IEEE 13th Topical Meeting on , vol., no., pp.126-128, 21-23 Jan. 2013

M. W. Chen and D. S. Ricketts, “An 8.6GHz 42ps Pulse-Width Electrical Mode-Locked Oscillator,” International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), pp. 500-501, Feb. 2010.