Mr. Chongzhe Li

Chongzhe Li

Mr. Chongzhe Li

MSECE 2013

Carnegie Mellon Univ.


Research Description

My research is under DARPA ELASTx project. The goal of this project is to enable monolithic, ultra high power efficiency integrated circuits. My responsibility in this project is to understand, design and fabricate ultra high frequency, low loss N-way power combiner to combine the power of power amplifier and implement LINC out-phasing architecture.

Publications with Ricketts Lab


C. Li and D. S. Ricketts, “Loss minimization in /4 impedance transformers using multiple /4 segments,” Electronic Letters, vol.49, no.4, pp.274-276, Feb. 14 2013

C. Li and D. S. Ricketts, “A low-loss, compact, /4 power combiner architecture,” Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), 2012 7th European , vol., no., pp.147-150, 29-30 Oct. 2012

W. Tai, C. Li, Z. Li, G. Yahalom, D.S. Ricketts, V. Stojanovic and J. Dawson, “A 45 GHz Asymmetric Multilevel Outphasing Transmitter in 45nm SOI CMOS,” Student Research Int. Solid-State Circuits Conf, IEEE, Feb. 2012.