Prospective Students

PhD Applicants

Professor Rickett’s is always looking for talented, highly motivated students interested in an interdisciplinary approach to engineering and scientific research. Prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply to NCSU’s PhD program. Applications are accepted for both Spring and Fall, with Fall being the primary. Students interested in Prof. Rickett’s group should sate such in their Statement of Purpose. Due to the large number of emails received each semester, Prof. Ricketts generally does NOT respond to individual emails form applicants prior to the admissions period.

NCSU PhD Application

MS Applicants

NCSU’s Professional Masters program provides and excellent opportunity for students to advance their knowledge in their chosen area of ECE. NCSU’s program does not have a research component, however students may do 1 semester of research with a professor as part of their program. Prof. Ricketts does work with MS students, but only those already admitted to the program and in residence in the program. Please contact Prof. Ricketts concerning possible 1 semester research only once you have arrived on campus at NCSU and begun your classes.

NCSU MS Application


Professor Ricketts supports internships from US applicants only. In general, these students are NCSU students or are students of collaborators. Prof. Ricketts does not accept unsolicited requests for internships.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Professor Ricketts generally supports 1-2 post doctoral researchers in his group. He encourages highly qualified and motivated applicants, with experience directly related to Prof. Ricketts research areas to send a brief note and CV.