Visiting Scholar Program

Prof. Ricketts invites leading scholars from the U.S. and around the globe to spend a 1 year visit working in his lab. This is an opportunity for you to work alongside the other scholars and students in the lab on a project of mutual interest between you and Prof. Ricketts. Key to the experience and education is to find a project that is of intellectual interest to the scholar, so this is the first step in the process.

Scholars may include current PhD students, including international students. Masters Students in the US (no VISA needed) and post-doctoral scholars with a PhD from an international university.

This is a unique opportunity for scholars who would like to visit the US and work in a research lab, but do not have a means to facilitate it. Prof. Ricketts accepts scholars from all countries.

Visiting scholars are not paid. They are enrolled in the University as a visiting scholar and can apply for and be granted a VISA to come and stay in the US for 1 year. Prospective scholars should be able to show $1,500 USD/month funds from a source external to the University to be eligible. Employment at the university is not permitted during the scholar period.

After the project period is concluded, usually 1 year, the scholar is expected to return to their home institution/country or move on to another position outside of the university.

There is a maximum of two scholars at any one time within the lab.

If you are interested in being a visiting scholar, please fill out the information below:


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Area of Interests (required)

Data Converters (ADCs, DACs)Millimeter-wave Radio Freqeuency IC DesignMillimeter-THz Microwave DesginPower Management IC DesignApplied Electromagnetics

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Industrial Experience (Work conducted not as part of a University course or project)

Top 3 Academic Courses Related to your area of interest selected above. Please include title and final grade

Research projects Related to the area of interest selected above. Please do not include any projects done as part of a course, except for Senor Design (Capstone BSEE) and MSEE/PhD Thesis.


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