Radio Design

Below are the elements of the radio you will build.

They are in order and numbered (1)-(5). Please complete each one in order. Click on each to go to the design page for that component.

For convenience, they are also listed in the blue sidebar menu to the right, under 16 QAM Radio Design. A theory section is referenced to each design page for educational purposes.

IMS2018 – Please complete all designs (1)-(5) and email the final DXF files from each design in a single ZIP file with ( to . They are due 7 days be fore the SDC (June 5th, 2018). Your designs will be transferred into copper foil prior to IMS by the instructor. You will assemble each component and full radio at the SDC at IMS, radios are not to be fabricated prior to IMS. Please attend the SDC at IMS for the full 4 hours.

EuMW & IEEE WORKSHOPS –  You will complete all designs and fabrication during the full day workshop. Please email any questions to or


(5) Antenna



(not used in SDC/Workshops)