Welcome to the Bits2Waves at APMC 2018

You get to design, build and test a real 16 QAM Radio!


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Bits2Waves – Building a 16 QAM Radio by Hand in One Day

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Room 103

Date and Time

2018/11/6 (Tue) 10:00-17:00 (Full day)


David S. Ricketts, North Carolina State Univ., U.S.A.


Bits2Waves is a 1-day experience on building your own modern, digital radio. You will learn how modern radios work, from communication theory to fabricating microwave PCBS to measurements with our mini-VNA. You will design, construct, measure, and demonstrate a 16 QAM wireless transmitter at 950 MHz. The participants will design a Wilkinson combiner, a branchline coupler, a double balanced mixer, a power amplifier and an antenna in the morning by forming teams of 5 people (one circuit element each). During the afternoon, participants will fabricate their designs and test each component, and then their complete radio. A 16QAM baseband I and Q signal will be provided as well as a 10 dBm 950 MHz LO. Using a receiver provided by the organizers, the participants will test their full radio, including optimizing eye diagrams and error-vector-magnitude (EVM) of their radio.  All materials are provided, including design software. Participants must bring their own 64 bit laptop.